Get an asphalt roof replacement in New Bern, Jacksonville, NC & surrounding areas

Protect Your Home With a Sturdy Roof

Every home needs a strong roof. However, even the best roof won't last forever. If you need an asphalt shingle, TPO, or metal roof replacement in New Bern, North Carolina, you can rely on Roof Pro NC.

Our experienced crew provides top-quality service every time. You can get special elements added like water shields. Plus, you won't be left handling the cleanup. We use special magnetic technology to make sure that all debris is removed from your property once we're done. You won't have to worry about stepping on a stray nail.
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While asphalt roofing is widely popular for its aesthetic appeal, these roofs also tend to have short lifespans. It's important to know when your roof has been damaged beyond repair. You may need an asphalt roof replacement if you notice:

✔ Curling or missing shingles
Ice damming
Ceiling or wall discoloration
Do you need an asphalt roof replacement? Ask a contractor from Roof Pro NC in New Bern, Jacksonville, NC & surrounding areas today.